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  2017 Membership

   The 2017 BCRA Membership Form is now online. Please carefully read all instructions. Pay online with PayPal or by cheque.


  2017 BCRA Championships

   Entry forms are online. Pay by cheque or online with PayPal (Service Rifle, Service Pistol, Target Rifle and F-Class Championships.
   Please carefully read all instructions. Thank you.


  2017 - 2018 BCRA Smallbore Postal Program

   The Smallbore Postal Program and Entry Form are now available for download as 1 file (under BCRA Championships).



Jim Paton (Cda) and David Calvert (GB) after The Tunis shoot off in Ottawa. Jim Paton won.
   Jim Paton (Cda) and David Calvert (GB) after The Tunis shoot off
   in Ottawa. Jim Paton won.
   Photo credit A. Paton

    What's New?  

   MRG ISSF Championship Results
   2017 Membership Form
   LMR and VI Schedules
   Entry Forms

   Remember online Entry Forms must be sent in extra early to meet Early Entry requirements.
   Also, cheques for Memberships should be separate from cheques for Event entries and each entry should be submitted with its own cheque.

   2017 Long Term ATT License and ATF Form 6NIA Information


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  Results, entry forms, photos, etc are not to be copied and posted onto other websites or otherwise distrubted without the express permission of the BCRA. Results and forms may be printed and used for personal use only. Thank you.



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