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   Membership Secretary
   F-Class Director
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   TR Match Director
   Service Conditions Director
   V.I. Service Conditions Director
   Information Officer - BC Marksman submissions
   U25 Coordinator - all things U25
   Coaching Coordinator - Marksmanship Skill Development
   Smallbore Director - including BC Air Rifle Cadet Program



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   Mailing Address:

   For most Event Entries and General Enquiries:

   Name of Event Entry     (if applicable)
   PO Box 2418, Sardis Stn Main
   Chilliwack, BC  V2R 1A7



   Website Submissions:


** Photos - Good quality jpg or jpeg format. Note: We may crop or resize photos to suit our needs. Please send dates, location, names of people in photo, and event name with the photo. Credit for photo will be given to submitter unless otherwise noted.
*** Articles - Any article submitted by a member will be approved by the President before being added to the BCRA website. In additon, we require the author's written permission for the BCRA to publish their work, date article was written, and submitters name.

The BCRA reserves the right to refuse any submission. Thank you.



Note: Please do not send "bcc" emails to BCRA recipients as they may not be delivered.

Note: If you have sent an email to one of our addresses and have not received a response in a few days time please forward the email to the BCRA Webmaster. During the year many of our people are away for extended periods and cannot access their BCRA email. The Webmaster will try to forward your email to the appropriate person or otherwise help you.



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