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BCRA Membership


    2017 Membership

    Please, carefully read the instructions to the right. Thank you.

    Contact the Membership Secretary for any memberships applications after Sept 30 2017

  • Memberships run from April 1 of the current year to March 31 of the following year. Do not take out a membership for the following year using the current year's online payment system or membership form. Contact the Membership Secretary if you have any questions.
  • Please remember to sign your membership application and then mail both pages of the form to the address on the bottom of page 1 or fill out the form, sign, scan, and email to the Membership Secretary. At this time our insurance provider requires a signature on each membership application.
  • Membership cheques must NOT include any entry fees or other costs. If paying online you must still mail/email your completed form as described above.
  • If paying through PayPal choose the correct membership type and fee from the drop-down menu to the right. Please double check your membership type before paying. All payments will be in Canadian funds.
  • To pay online you must have a PayPal account or, after choosing your correct membership option, create one by clicking the button to the right and choosing "Dont't have a PayPal account?". After paying for your membership a Receipt Page comes up - please print your receipt. Also please print your email confirmation. You may need these to prove you have paid your membership if a problem occurs.
  • Online fees are slightly higher than cash or cheques to help cover the PayPal fees we must pay to process your membership.
  • Life Members MUST send in a signed membership form every year.
  • Do you have questions or a problem with the Membership Form? Email the Membership Secretary for answers.
Online payment for Memberships is
NOT available again until March 2018

Contact the Membership Secretary for Membership information.


        Remember you must still email or mail in a signed membership form



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